Terms & Conditions

Name & Constitution

The name of the club is Devon Hills Fitness, owned by the Haulfryn Group Limited.


The objectives of this club are: To provide and make available to members and guests, health and recreational facilities, whilst promoting and encouraging a greater degree of physical fitness and well being.


When an applicant has been elected a member and has paid the relevant subscription, he or she shall be a member of the club and be entitled to all the privileges outlined in that particular membership type and shall be deemed to be bound by these rules. Absolute discretion is granted to the management to reject any applicant for membership without reason for doing so, in this case any subscription monies shall be returned.

Membership Cards

An elected member will be issued with a membership card at reception upon their next visit to the club. All members will have to swipe their card to access the club. Members who lose their card must contact the Health and Leisure Club for a replacement card.


Leisure members introducing a guest shall insure all guests purchase a pass from security or at the Health and Leisure Club.

Admissions & Conduct

The management reserves the right to refuse admission to the club and may expel any member or guest whose conduct is such that, in its opinion, shall be detrimental to the character of the club or the interests of the members. The company at its discretion and without ascribing any reasons, therefore, may terminate the membership of any member refunding that unexpired portion of their current subscription. In the event of a serious or repeated breach of the club rules no refund will be made. The company may refuse to renew the membership of any member without giving any reason.

Health & Safety

For reasons of safety and hygiene all members and their guests shall:

  • Contact their doctor prior to undertaking any new fitness regime.
  • Not consume alcohol before exercise.
  • Receive instructions on the use of the health and leisure equipment.
  • Wipe down the machines after use with paper towels and spray provided.
  • Wear tops and closed shoes in the gym at all times.
  • Shower before entering the pool.
  • Not introduce food, drink or glass into the changing areas or poolside.
  • Not allow children under the age of 16 to use the health and leisure equipment without prior consent of management.
  • Not allow pets into the fitness suite and associated areas.
  • Those with diabetes, heart problems, high/low blood pressure, epilepsy or who are using strong medication or who have any form or indication of a medical condition should consult their doctor before exercising or using the fitness suite and any other associated areas.
  • All new members will require an induction before training can commence.
  • Persons under 16 years of age are not permitted to use the sauna and steam room facilities at any time.


Members shall wear the correct clothing at all times when visiting the Health and Leisure Club. Outdoor shoes will not be allowed into the club.

Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools: In the interest of hygiene members are requested to shower before using the pool. Swimming is only permitted during the official opening hours.

All swimmers under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult within the pool vicinity at all times.
One adult may accompany a maximum of 2 children under the age of 8 in the water.

Children of 8 years and under or non-swimmers MUST be supervised by a competent adult IN THE WATER at all times.


Membership is non-transferable or refundable. Where payment is made by direct debit, there is a commitment to make all payments for the appropriate length of time. Any member wishing to cancel his/her membership must give one month’s written notice.

Corporate Membership

A corporate member and those persons attending the club by virtue of such corporate membership are bound by and liable to the forgoing rules and conditions including liability for payment of all charges.


Haulfryn Group Limited at its discretion may vary these rules from time to time and these changes will be posted on the notice board.


In the event of any dispute arising out of the interpretation of these rules the decision of the Haulfryn.