Everyone deserves a treat, and here at Devon Hills Fitness, you can indulge in exercise and relaxation in equal measure.

A workout in the gym or a few lengths in the pool can leave you with a real feel good factor.


Our gym at Devon Hills Fitness is state of the art, offering you the best in fitness facilities to help you get in shape. Click below to find out more.

Steam and Sauna

Steam and Sauna

Rest those weary limbs in our sauna or steam room. Unwind after your work out and you will feel relaxed and at peace.
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Devon Hills Fitness Classes

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Devon Hills Fitness: Techno Gym
Having put on 36lbs over the previous 20 months, I was prepared for a similarly long road to reduce by the same amount. I spoke to the team at Devon Hills about some positive steps forward, and received some great advice not only on my exercise routine, but also on diet.

Despite expecting a long journey to fitness, I actually lost 2lbs a week over the summer months, and lost an impressive 40lbs in 5 months. Obviously I had to have the will power to come to the gym almost daily, and mix that up with some swimming and some boxercise, but the weight loss has been impressive and surprisingly easy. If you wish to shed some pounds and get fitter, I recommend talking to the team!